Time To Get Real about Sustainability

The failure for the Tidal Marina, is more related to a lack of credible private investment in Renewables. Although the Welsh Government tried their best, its not Westminster's fault for saying no. The so called Green Investors and Green Banks have a lack of credibility - Triodos, Activist Insurers and the so called #divest investors seem to have their heads buried in the sand. Especially when according to markets these people have 10x more power than the 14bn Heathrow budget. Hence PetroStars SPX Ltd is happy to trade it's profit for serious investment on projects like this. No one else seems able to do so - why because they are wanting a cushy salary nothing more. #investments #tidal #greenbanks #ambitions


Sustainable - Ask the Insurers

"Who needs the Sky when you can aim for the Stars?" 

 For a more responsible Energy future, we would like to sit down with Vivat, NN, Aegon, ASR, APG, Achmea IM and Achmea Own investors & lobbyists to change the landscape.  Our Value statement means we address the circular economy rather than piecemeal quackery when pushing energy transition.   The recent news shows the opportunity ..... https://lnkd.in/epRBRRh #energy #futurism #liabilities  https://lnkd.in/gb25NAN

PetroStars SPX Ltd - Small Pools Arrives


PetroStars SPX Ltd has begun it's journey to become the UK's most sustainable energy company. PetroStars Small Pools Exploration Ltd has been awarded split Block 16/3e in the North Sea. We share the Acreage with Equinor
( formerly Statoil). Our team are rewarded for working above the call of duty, many hours spent working the 30th Round since April 2017. Now we have our sights on delivering MER.